Everything You Need To Know About Oxidised Jewellery

Oxidised jewellery has been widely used for centuries and is a popular choice among various cultures around the world. Oxidation creates an antique and rustic look to the jewellery, thus adding to its beauty. In India, oxidised jewellery has been a part of different regional traditions and is used to depict beauty. 

But what makes oxidised jewellery so popular these days? Let’s continue and learn all there is to know about oxidised jewellery.

What is Oxidised Jewellery?

Best Oxidised Jewellery

Oxidised jewellery is created by exposing certain metals, such as silver, brass, or copper, to an oxidising chemical, creating a blackened effect on the metal. The process involves treating the metal to a chemical solution or applying a specific oxidising procedure. In addition to its specific rustic look, oxidised jewellery is highly desired for its elaborate, bohemian-inspired or vintage-inspired designs. 

A few popular styles of oxidised silver jewellery are rings, earrings, and pendants. Oxidised jewellery is the newest trend in luxury jewellery, adding a nostalgic and distinctive touch to classic, antique, and retro-inspired metallic items.

Do you wonder how to wear oxidised jewellery? Below are some ways in which you can style your oxidised jewellery:

1. Style Your Look with Bohemian Charm

Use layered, silver oxidised jewellery in a bohemian-chic style to get a look that is just as dynamic as you. Add intricate bracelets, bangles, and earrings to create a visual symphony that showcases eclectic elegance and vintage charm.

2. Take your everyday casuals to the next level

Accessorise your daily look with oxidised jewellery to lend sophistication and beauty to your ensembles. Select elegant necklaces or earrings to add a little charm to every outfit and make it feel put together.

3. Style in a modern minimalist manner

Opt for simple, sleek, oxidised jewellery to achieve a minimalistic look. Wear one or a few pieces at a time, opting for modern, basic designs for a chic vibe.

4. Outfits in pastels with oxidised jewellery

Enhance your fashion game with pastel outfits and captivating oxidised jewellery. The gentle allure of pastels and vintage charm create a visual symphony. Pair mint dresses with intricate necklaces, powder pink with oxidised bangles, and lavender with oxidised earrings for a captivating contrast.

Types of Oxidised Jewellery

Below are the listed types of oxidised jewellery that you can style with different outfits:

1. Bracelets or Bangles

Bracelets or Bangles

Large, striking oxidised silver cuffs and stacked oxidised bangles are common tribal fashions. Stainless steel oxidised bangles are famous for their beautiful shine and affordability. These metal finishes give your jewellery a classy appearance. Available in various sizes, they are easy to spot, comfortable to wear, and complement almost all Indian attires.

2. Ring with Stonework

Oxidised Stone Rings

Big statement rings with elaborate filigree work and jewels like topaz, sapphire, and opal are in style. Oxidised silver rings are made of silver with a metal coating. These rings often blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design, balancing elegance and style. They add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making them a popular choice among those who appreciate unique and distinctive accessories. They do not tarnish or corrode quickly when exposed to water. 

3. Oxidised statement necklaces

Oxidised statement necklaces

The newest trend is oxidised statement necklaces and chokers with geometric, floral, animal, and tribal designs. These major attention-turners go well with Indian attire and look quite fashionable. An oxidised neckpiece is a stylish and fashionable statement piece of jewellery that will enhance your beauty. You can pair them with neutral or monochrome outfits. A white shirt or a simple black dress can provide a chic backdrop for the necklace to shine. They may be styled with complementary or contrasting colours. For instance, a colourful statement necklace can pop against a solid-coloured outfit.

4. Oxidised Metal Earrings

Oxidised Metal Earrings

The favourite of all oxidised accessories is oxidised silver earrings. They are elegant, ageless, and seductive. Solid oxidised silver earrings do not tarnish easily and will endure very long. These earrings stand out beautifully against light-coloured clothing. Pair them with white, cream, pastels, or other light hues to create a striking contrast. They not only look sophisticated but are effortless to wear for any occasion.

Here are some varieties of oxidised earrings you can try:

  • Hoop Earrings
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Earrings, Studs and Drops
  • Ear Cuff Earrings

Upgrade your look by wearing this statement piece with an Indo-Western attire or a traditional saree. An excellent option to update your conventional look is with oxidised jewellery. Additionally, they are adaptable enough to be worn with any fusion outfit, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to wear.

5. Oxidised Anklets

Oxidised Anklets

The most popular accessory among Indian women for traditional clothing is oxidised anklets, which complement almost every Indian fashion. An elegant and timeless addition, oxidised silver anklets give personality to any ensemble. Their oxidised finish makes them appropriate for daily use and goes well with a variety of outfits. These anklets are adaptable and have a hint of vintage charm.

6. Oxidised Pendants

Oxidised Pendants

Using statement pendants weaved in oxidised silver chains, coloured threads, shells, jute, or coloured metals can offer you a unique vintage style. Indian culture uses high-purity silver or oxidised silver necklaces to accentuate women’s attractiveness. These necklaces are made using a unique process called oxidation to regular silver, sometimes called oxidised sterling silver. These pendants also make for ideal presents for friends, family, and loved ones and are available in various patterns and forms. 

Remember, there are numerous ways to incorporate silver oxidised jewellery into your look. Don’t hesitate to experiment and enjoy the process. Easily shop for oxidised jewellery online from GIVA , where you can explore a wide range of options. Remember, the key to wearing silver oxidised jewellery is confidence—let your unique beauty shine. Plus, don’t forget to maximize your savings by using OfferCounty exclusive GIVA coupon codes.

Some Major Benefits of Oxidised Jewellery

Oxidised jewellery offers several notable benefits, making it a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts. Below are the benefits of oxidised jewellery:

  • One of its key benefits is the unique and rustic look of oxidised jewellery. People are drawn to their classic, vintage vibe.
  • Oxidised jewellery has a very long lifespan and is very robust. Its unique beauty will, therefore, be yours to appreciate for many years to come.
  • Oxidised jewellery is substantially less expensive than silver and gold jewellery. Because of this, it’s a great option for individuals on a limited budget.
  • Oxidised jewellery requires very minimal care, as opposed to a lot of other jewellery types.
  • Oxidised jewellery is flexible and can be worn for almost every occasion, from informal get-togethers to garba nights. It complements different outfits.
  • Compared to other jewellery-making techniques, oxidation is an environmentally friendly, natural process.
  • Oxidised steel jewellery is hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people with sensitive skin.
  • Oxidised jewellery is more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and durability.
  • There is a large selection of oxidised jewellery, so you are sure to find something that fits both your budget and your taste.

Not only is oxidised jewellery versatile and reasonably priced, but it also requires little upkeep. Unlike silver or gold, which must be kept safe and maintained well to maintain their shine, oxidised jewellery requires minimal maintenance. Time does not tarnish or fade its enticing dark, antique finish.

Furthermore, oxidised jewellery is an excellent option for people with sensitive skin. Many people are sensitive to certain metals, such as nickel, commonly used in artificial jewellery. Because oxidised jewellery is made using higher-quality metals, such as sterling silver, it is less likely to cause skin irritation or allergies. 

Top Things to Consider When Buying

Oxidised jewellery is versatile and available in various styles. Grab it as a discounted rate from local Indian flea markets or online stores. Its blackened silver look is unique and doesn’t require constant cleaning. However, trying on pieces before purchasing and inspecting for durability and set stonework is important. Here are some things to consider when buying oxidised jewellery:

Beware of Allergies: Check the metal used in the jewellery before buying. Poor-quality metal can cause allergic reactions. If you have known metal allergies, look for jewellery that is labelled nickel-free. Nickel is a common allergen found in lower-quality jewellery metals and can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. 

Weight Doesn’t Ensure Quality: Cheap oxidised jewellery is often heavier. Good quality jewellery may look heavy but is lightweight and more comfortable. Lightweight oxidised jewellery crafted from quality materials offers a more comfortable wearing experience, unlike heavier counterparts that may feel cumbersome or weigh down your ears or neck.

Seasonal care: Oxidised jewellery, particularly pieces with metal components, may be susceptible to tarnishing or corrosion during monsoon season because of more moisture in the air. Store your jewellery in a dry box and use a cotton cover to prevent tarnishing.


Oxidised jewellery offers a stylish and adaptable addition to your collection, perfect for enhancing bold patterns or vibrant colours in your attire. Mixing it with pure silver ornaments adds a distinctive flair to your ensemble. While it complements casual and special wear, oxidised metals can also be personalised with high-quality gold inlays for a truly unique appearance. These exceptional pieces are ideal for various occasions, from professional settings to social gatherings and weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What is oxidised jewellery?

    It is the jewellery that has undergone a chemical process called oxidation to achieve a darkened or aged appearance on the surface of the metal. This process involves exposing the metal, often silver or brass, to chemicals or a specific environment, which causes a chemical reaction that forms a layer of oxidation on the surface.

  2. Is it safe to wear oxidised jewellery?

    Wearing oxidised jewellery can be safe. Nonetheless, choose trustworthy vendors and enquire about the composition of jewellery since inferior metals may result in allergic responses. Some oxidised jewellery may contain nickel, a frequent allergy-causing metal, so buy with caution.

  3. Does oxidised jewellery turn black?

    Oxidised jewellery is already black as a result of the oxidation process. This darkening occurs when the metal, typically silver or brass, undergoes a chemical reaction with certain elements or compounds in its environment.

  4. Is oxidised jewellery in trend?

    Yes, oxidised jewellery is in trend. This is because it is fairly priced, has a unique vintage appearance, and, since metals like copper or brass are employed, goes well with a range of outfits. Layer your jewellery to create a personalised appearance.

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